NSBC establishes boat navigation rules website

Hoping to enhance marine enthusiasts’ understanding of navigation rules – and in so doing, boat-driving safety – the National Safe Boating Council recently launched a new website.

According to the NSBC*, BoatOnCourse.com is a one-stop resource recreational boaters can turn to so they can better understand the rules of the water. Some of the tips on the website – which are provided by watching several different clips – include addressing basic aspects of boat safety, such as the best speeds at which to travel and the proper way to communicate with fellow boat travelers. The site also has a multiple-choice quiz that visitors can take so they can test their knowledge. Questions include why boaters need to be aware of the wakes they leave in the water and why they should slow down when passing a recreational fishing vehicle.

Website provides boaters with basic navigation rules

Virgil Chambers, executive director of the NSBC, said the website should help familiarize rookie boaters with boat safety and water rules, but it should also be useful for seasoned seafarers.

“BoatOnCourse.com is a great way to create an awareness of the navigation rules,” said Chambers. “The scenarios can happen to any boater out on the water; this website addresses the most common navigation rules and boating situations, and provides resources for boaters to take their navigation rules awareness to the next level.”

Links to boat safety courses provided

While the website is intended as a resource for basic rules and regulations, the NSBC says visitors will find a variety of links that point them toward comprehensive learning and training courses. All of the links have tools that enable boaters to find a class that is near to where they live.

In addition, there is a separate link on the website called SidekicksOnCourse.com. NSBC notes that this is an activity book geared towards kids that can be purchased. It includes various games and lessons that enable children to learn the rules of the water in a fun way. The website also has a link to a printable game board that can be downloaded for free, which enables kids to learn about navigation rules simply by playing.

NSBC says boaters can visit SafeBoatingCouncil.org for more information.

*according to The National Safe Boating Council on February 29, 2012
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